10 Years Warranty on Motor

Fully Automatic Top Load 8 kg (LWDD80ST)

Gives your clothes a power packed wash. 360 degree Turbo Jet features makes washing easier with increased wash performance and optimum detergent usage.

The revolutionary Direct Drive inverter technology features a motor that is directly attached to the drum increasing efficiency, minimizing noise, vibrations, increasing life, reducing electricity consumption, and saving water.

Fuzzy Logic is an intelligent feature that constantly adjusts washing conditions by monitoring the water level, laundry weight, load imbalance, and door lid opening. It prevents machine damage, and minimizes the consumption of electricity, detergent, and water.

The Soak Wash technology helps in removing tough dirt and deep-seated stains by letting you soak your clothes in concentrated detergent solution before the washing begins.

It prevents the rapid shutting of the washing machine lid to protect your hands and minimize the impact noise. It can work even when the angle is just over 30 degrees compared to others that work at 40 degrees.

The Water Recycle feature helps you save water after a rinse cycle is complete. Instead of draining the remaining water, the water in the tub can be reused for washing the leftover dirty clothes.

Any uneven load in the tub can lead to noise and vibrations damaging the machine. The Auto-Imbalance Correction feature uses sensors to detect weight imbalance, and then it automatically intakes water to balance the tub.

It's time your favorite clothes got the care of a bubble kissed wash! The bubble wash technology generates bubbles by pulling in air and water, which activate the detergents faster and help in spreading it evenly throughout the wash load.

 28490.00 ( Incl. of all taxes )
 33590.00 Save   5100.00
( Net Quantity : 1 N )

Imported By : Havells India Limited
Country of Origin : Made In China

Motor Material Copper
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Voltage 230 V
Spin Tub Dimension (Dia. x H) Φ 445 x 355 mm (Daimeter x Height)
Spin Speed (Revolution per minute) 700 Revolution per minute
Wash Motor (W) 420 W
Spin Motor (W) 420 W
Body Type Stainless Steel Body
Machine Dimensions ( w x d x h ) 570 mm x 580 mm x 985 mm
Wash Capacity (kg) 8 kg
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