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Spreading Happiness Initiative

In line with its core value of spreading happiness, Lloyd started a special initiative called ‘SPREADING HAPPINESS’. Through this initiative, Lloyd decided to give away 501 air conditioners (ACs) to hospitals and institutions that could not afford to have an AC in critical facilities like ICUs, post-operative care areas, etc. The recipient hospitals and institutions were chosen by a jury of experts who diligently examined the nominations and applications that Lloyd received. For every Lloyd AC that was sold, Rs 100 was contributed to the cause, adding additional units of free ACs to those who needed it. The initiative was a way for Lloyd to do its bit and make the world a better place by SPREADING HAPPINESS.

E-waste Awareness

Lloyd cares about the environment and believes in its conservation. It ensures the disposal of electronic devices in accordance to the E-Waste (management & handling) Rules 2011, a legislation passed by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), India. 

As part of the e-waste recycling initiative, Lloyd has partnered with India’s leading electronic asset management and disposal company, 3R Recycler. Under this partnership, Lloyd will provide e-waste drop-off centers where customers can dispose their Lloyd electronics that have reached the end of their lifecycle. 

All the necessary and legal authorisations required for the processing facilities have been taken and approved by the concerned governmental agencies. The recycling and disposal of e-waste by 3R Recycler helps us to protect our environment from any hazardous consequences of improper disposal of electronics.


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