Made In India warranty 10 yrs copper final R32 environment friendly
10 Year Warranty on Compressor

Split AC 1.0 - 5 Star Stylus (GLS12V5FOGSY)

Changeable Fascia (Marble & Wood)

Automatic Humidity Control is a unique technology in which intelli-sensors sense relative humidity (RH) inside the room and maintains it between 45% to 55% which is best for human comfort, on real time basis.

6 in 1 Convertible (40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 110 / Auto)

With the Smart 4-way swing through horizontal and vertical louvers, the AC spreads cool air uniformly throughout the room, and make s room cool and comfortable

In Turbo Cool mode, AC skips the time lag and compressor starts its operations immediately. AC works in turbo / super cool mode for non-stop 60 minutes to bring down the temperature fast and automatically exists the mode thereafter (when set temperature is ≥ 17 °C).

Low Gas Detection, the code enables engineers to identify the problem quickly.

“Cleaning Filter Indication” is a unique & smart feature in which indoor panel indicates “CL” symbol, which alarms customer to clean air filter of the indoor unit. It not only helps in better cooling performance but also enhances lifespan of the AC.

Anti Viral Dust Filter, Lloyd ACs traps the airborne contaminants including dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, viruses, etc. and gives you fresh, cool and clean air for a healthy living.

 45000.00 ( Incl. of all taxes )
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( Net Quantity : 1 N )

Country of Origin: India

Refrigerant R-32
Comp. Type Rotary
Star Rating 5
Operating Voltage Range 100 V - 300 V
Input current (Ampere) 3.65 A /1.99 A
Power Supply (V / Hz / Phase ) 230 V - 50 Hz 1 Phase
Area Coverage 11 m²
Electricity Consumption 520.93 kWh
Air Throw Distance 7 m
ODU Noise (dB) 50 dB
IDU Noise (dB) 35 dB
Air Flow (m³/h) 750 m³/h
Input Power (W) 830 W / 320 W
Cooling Capacity (W) 3500 W / 1750 W
ODU Net / Gross Weight (kg) 24.9 kg / 29 kg
ODU Dimension (L×W×H) in cm 91 cm x 41.5 cm x 59 cm
IDU Net / Gross Weight (kg) 9.1 kg / 11.2 kg
IDU Dimension (L×W×H) in cm 90.2 cm x 36 cm x 28.5 cm
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