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Semi Automatic 8.2 KG (LWMS82G)

This feature creates powerful tornado-like water currents so that your clothes do not get entangled during the washing process allowing better movement of clothes resulting in improved rinsing and easy washing.

It is a collar scrubber built into the washing machine to allow manual scrubbing of collars and other parts of clothes with stains that do not come off easily.

The washing and spinning motors feature TPT sensors that prevent any damage due to high temperature by automatically cutting the power supply.

It saves time and effort by using two separate water inlets for wash and spin.

Wash Tub Dimension (Dia. x H) 450 x 450 x 540 mm
Motor Material Aluminum Motor
Frequency 50
Rated Voltage 230
Spin Speed (rpm) Φ 280 x 390
Wash Motor (Watts) 500
Spin Motor (Watts) 180
Body Type Rust Free Hi-Fibre Body
Machine Dimensions (w*d*h) in mm 875 x 495 x 960
Wash Capacity (kg) 8.2 KG/6 KG Wash/Spin
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