10 Year Warranty on motor

Fully Automatic Front Load 7.5 kg (LWMF 75S)

The Intelligent Control features multitude of sensors to monitor water level, load imbalance, lid opening, and laundry weight. It then uses this information to automatically adjust the washing programme for best results with minimal use of water, detergent, and electricity.

The Clothes Add-on feature lets you add clothes in the middle of a washing cycle without having to start the washing cycle from the beginning. This feature gets disabled if the operating temperature reaches beyond 40 degree Celsius.

This feature is useful when you only want to wash a few clothes (less than 2 KG) and quickly. You can get washed clothes in just about 24 minutes, saving you around 68% of the usual laundry time.

LED display helps you know the status of the washing machine in a quick glance.

The Soak Wash technology helps in removing tough dirt and deep-seated stains by letting you soak your clothes in concentrated detergent solution before the washing begins.

On the press of a single button, the Tub Clean feature cleans your tub automatically removing dirt and other residues after a washing cycle. It prevents the formation of bacteria and fungus inside the drum and keeps it odour-free.

A special new memory function with LLOYD front load washing machine. Press hold down my cycle button for 3 seconds after that program will memorized as per the user setting which is convenient and efficient for next washing of similar laundry.

Sleek SS Big Door Design

33990.00 ( Incl. of all taxes )
( Net Quantity : 1N )

Drum Volume (L) 54 L
Door Diameter Inner/Outer (mm) 320 mm / 462 mm
Door Open Angle 150°
Drum Dimension Φ500 x 295 mm ( Diameter x Height)
Heater 2000 W
Spin Speed (Revolution per minute) 1200 Revolution per minute
Wash Motor (W) 150 W
Machine Dimensions ( w x d x h ) in mm 598 mm x 485 mm x 850 mm
Wash Capacity (kg) 7.5 kg
Customer Reviews for Fully Automatic Front Load 7.5 kg (LWMF 75S)

very good product excellent service


27 Jan, 2020

this washing machine is less noice &fully hieing technology

Awesome machine


22 Feb, 2019

Awesome machine