copper final R32 environment friendly warranty 10 yrs
10 Year Warranty on Compressor

Split AC Inverter -1.5 - 5 Star (GLS18I52TA)

With its rapid cooling, this new-age AC cools faster than ever before. It takes just 45 seconds to give you a comfortable cooling up to 18 °C. (Under test conditions grill (air outlet of AC) temperature comes down to 18 °C after start of compressor, with indoor temperature at 25 °C and outdoor ambient at 35 °C)

Be techno smart and control your AC from anywhere through your smart phone with inbuilt wireless control without explicitly being next to the AC.

Air cooled electric control box technology is applied to effectively cool down temperature of electric parts inside the outdoor unit, resulting in nonstop cooling even at 60° C ambient temperature

Premium looks and design enriching you home and office space just like the way you want.

The filter formes a positive positions on the surface, electrostatic fiber filter traps small dust particles, smoke and pet fur to prevent allergic reactions.

With the Smart 4-way swing through horizontal and vertical louvers, the AC spreads cool air uniformly throughout the room, and make s room cool and comfortable

A hidden Intelligent central digital dynamic LED display that indicates the operation status vividly. This smart feature makes use of technology smart and user friendly.

On restoration of power after a sudden power failure, the AC will restart automatically and will operate based on the previous setting.

 42990.00 ( Incl. of all taxes )
 65990.00 Save   23000.00
( Net Quantity : 1 N )

Country of Origin: Made in China

Refrigerant R-32
Comp. Type Rotary
Star Rating 5
Input current (Ampere) 6.03 A / 2.38 A
Power Supply (V / Hz / Phase ) 230 V / 50 Hz / 1 Phase
ISEER 4.63
ODU Noise (dB) 55 dB
IDU Noise (dB) 53 dB / 51 dB / 47 dB / 43 dB / 38 dB
Air Flow (m³/h) 1050 m³/h
Input Power (W) 1365 W / 540 W
Cooling Capacity (W) 5200 W / 2600 W
ODU Net / Gross Weight (kg) 31 kg / 36 kg
ODU Dimension (L×W×H) in cm 85.3 cm x 34.9 cm x 60.2 cm
IDU Net / Gross Weight (kg) 13 kg / 16 kg
IDU Dimension (L×W×H) in cm 101.1 cm x 31.5 cm x 22 cm
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