10 years warranty on Compressor

Split AC 1.5 (GLS18H31LF)

Lloyd Air Conditioners also offer heating solution to customers residing in low temperature areas. These Hot & Cold ACs perform in range of -10 °C to 48 °C.

The Inverter Technology automatically controls the compressor speed as per the room temperature, provides faster cooling by increasing cooling capacity, and subsequently reduces the tonnage to save energy

Upgrade your AC from normal to smart just by putting a small separate PCB. Double up the comfort of air conditioning in your homes.

A hidden Intelligent central digital dynamic LED display that indicates the operation status vividly. This smart feature makes use of technology smart and user friendly.

The anti- bacterial property in this filter helps kill bacteria and keep surroundings free of germs.

The Smart 4 Way Swing feature of the AC explores the cool air in all area. Enjoy better air and better comfort at home at our pleasure.

Hydrophilic Aluminium Fins keeps condenser safe from rust. This Increase Life of Condenser Coil.

The Self Clean feature automatically dries the wet evaporator coil to prevent dust along with fungus and bacteria.

63990.00 ( Incl. of all taxes )
38990.00 ( Incl. of all taxes )
( Net Quantity : 1N )

Refrigerant R410A
Comp. Type Rotary
Star Rating 3
Input current (Ampere) 7.95 A / 2.78 A
Power Supply (V / Hz / Phase ) 220 V - 240 V / 50Hz
ISEER 3.68
ODU Noise (dB) 56 dB
IDU Noise (dB) 49 dB
Air Flow (m³/h) 1230 m³/h
Input Power (W) 1800 W / 630 W
Cooling Capacity (W) 5100 W / 2550 W
ODU Net / Gross Weight (kg) 35 kg / 38 kg
ODU Dimension (W×D×H) in cm 80 cm x 31.5 cm x 54.5 cm
IDU Net / Gross Weight (kg) 14 kg / 16 kg
IDU Dimension (W×D×H) in cm 110 cm x 33 cm x 23.5 cm
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