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Khushiyon Ki Guarantee

Khushiyon Ki Guarantee

Khushiyon Ki Guarantee, Ab Aapke Haath Mein!

It is Lloyd’s constant endeavor to bring joy to its customers through its products and services. The goal is to ensure that every Lloyd product becomes the source of happiness to the customers. With that motto, Lloyd not only provides a guarantee on its products but goes a step further to ensure complete happiness. To make this a reality, Lloyd has ‘Khushiyon Ki Guarantee’ (KKG) in place.

It is a process whereby a customer is given a KKG number each time a call is made to the service center. If the customer is satisfied with the service provided by a visiting Lloyd service engineer, he or she can pass the KKG number to the engineer as a sign of satisfaction with the service. If the customer is not happy and does not provide the KKG number to the visiting service engineer then the KKG Cell will take over and personally pursue the case until the customer is fully satisfied.
The KKG number is a prized possession for Lloyd and reflects its commitment of ensuring the complete happiness of its customers by providing a top-notch service. 

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